Since 1927, the J. Walter Michel Agency, Inc. has been managing commercial real estate for its clients, taking care of all day-to-day details as though they owned the property themselves.

Our management portfolio includes office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses, with clients varying from out-of-town property owners to insurance companies to trade associations. Many local property owners trust their property’s management to us because, through increased occupancy levels, our management results in higher returns.

If you would like to discuss our property management services, please contact:

Henry Michel
2660 Ridgewood Road, #101
Jackson, MS 39216

(601) 352 – 0757

  • 591 Northpark Drive
    $600 - 1,400 / month
    Ridgeland, MS 591 Northpark Drive
  • 916 Foley Street
    Jackson, MS 916 Foley Street
  • 1437 Old Square Road, Suite 201-C
    $1,570.00 / mo.
    Jackson, MS 1437 Old Square Road, Suite 201-C
  • Highway 51, Madison
    Madison,, MS Highway 51, Madison